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SINCE 2005

Quality forges the brand, and we earnestly create the future

Yangzhou Focus Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, located in the historical and cultural city of Yangzhou, covering 75000 square meters area and has over 800 dedicated professionals.

Focus is passionately committed to the design, production, development, and sales of chassis products. We offer a broad spectrum of ride control products that are tailored to the automotive industry including suspension assemblies for sedans, sport utilities, all-terrain vehicles, pickups, vans and heavy-duty vehicles. We are also adept in producing coil-overs for street, racing, and off-road purposes, as well as electronic air suspension that prioritize comfort. Currently our extensive portfolio encompasses over 9,000 product categories catering to more than 95% of vehicles on the road today. We has obtained ISO/IATF16949 quality management certification and ISO14001 environmental management certification and take pride in our exclusive value system. Products reach markets throughout Europe, Asia, America and Africa, benefiting consumers all over the world.

Focus’s unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in thorough product development and stringent on-car road testing, ensuring our timely product launches coupled with consistent quality. We aim to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and exceptional ride control.

Our Testing facility is equipped with advanced and comprehensive analysis tools, including durability testers, tensile testing machine, assembly performance testers, salt spray testers, high and low temperature testers, and MTS shock absorber testing system that assesses for noise, friction, and performance concurrently, avoiding potential development risks. We also utilize custom FARO scanners for rapid and accurate 3D documentation. The investment in advanced equipment and our never-ending drive towards embracing cutting-edge technology collectively ensure our products' superiority, granting customers ride control products that are dependable, comfortable, and long-lasting.

Our guiding principles are deeply rooted in our business philosophy: “Effective management crafts value, Superior service yields advantages, Quality reigns supreme, and Efficiency propels us forward.” Every customer is invaluable to us, and we steadfastly adhere to the essential principles of “prioritizing quality, being customer-centric, winning through quality, and fully harnessing talent.” We stand firm in our conviction that through unwavering commitment and unrelenting effort, we will constantly refine ourselves, setting the Suspension industry on an upward trajectory!



Focus is a company specialized in the research&development, production and sales of automotive shock absorbers.


Corporate Culture

Pragmatism, Innovation, Excellence

  • Corporate Positioning

    Building a competent and technically strong management team, establishing a powerful enterprise, producing excellent products, continuously improving product quality, and further expanding into the international market.

  • Corporate Philosophy

    The essence of Focus’s existence lies in perpetual innovation, adapting to the market through greater customer satisfaction, continuously unleashing the potential of human resources, increasing capital value, and contributing to society.

Honors and Qualifications

We have obtained ISO/IATF16949 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.