Quality forges the brand, and we earnestly create the future

We always adhere to technology as the leading factor, uphold the spirit of "keeping pace with the times and daring to innovate," provide internationally advanced shock absorbers, and serve millions of global users.


Established in 2005


Coverage of 95% of global vehicle models


Over 9,000 product types


Annual production capacity of 10 million shock absorbers


Exported to more than 40 countries and regions

Reasons for choosing Focus

Focus is a company specialized in the research&development, production and sales of automotive shock absorbers.

Strong corporate strength

Integrated research, development, production, and sales

Large production scale

Products benefit end consumers worldwide

High product quality

More reliable, comfortable and durable shock absorber products

Excellent after-sales service

7*24h technical support hotline

Strong corporate strength

Strong corporate strength

Factory area of 75,000 square meters with over 800 employees

Annual production capacity of 10 million shock absorbers

Invested $23 million in a new factory in 2017

Phase I of the project was put into operation in 2021, covering an area of 53,000 square meters

Large production scale

Large production scale

Dedicated to the research, production and sales of shock absorbers

Independent R&D team, with internally developed valve systems for shock absorbers

Obtained ISO/IATF16949 quality management certification

ISO14001 environmental management certification

High product quality

High product quality

Significant resources invested in product development.

Road testing conducted ensures timely model changes and consistent high quality

Constantly pursuing excellence in product performance to achieve a balance between comfort and handling.

Excellent after-sales service

Excellent after-sales service

Provides technical services such as maintenance guidance, replacement methods, etc.

Our development philosophy : Management creates value, service enhances advantages,  supreme quality, optimal service.


Market-oriented, quality-based, management-driven, and performance-oriented.

Yangzhou Focus Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, located in the historical and cultural city of Yangzhou, covering 75000 square meters area and has over 800 dedicated professionals.Focus is passionately committed to the design, production, development, and sales of chassis products. We offer a broad spectrum of ride control products that are tailored to the automotive industry including suspension assemblies for sedans, sport utilities, all-terrain vehicles, pickups, vans and heavy-duty vehicles. We are also adept in producing coil-overs for street, racing, and off-road purposes, as well as electronic air suspension that prioritize comfort. Currently our extensive portfolio encompasses over 9,000 product categories catering to more than 95% of vehicles on the road today. We has obtained ISO/IATF16949 quality management certification and ISO14001 environmental management certification and take pride in our exclusive value system. Products reach markets throughout Europe, Asia, America and Africa, benefiting consumers all over the world.Focus’s unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in thorough product development and stringent on-car road testing, ensuring our timely product launches coupled with consistent quality. We aim to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and exceptional ride control.Our Testing facility is equipped with advanced and comprehensive analysis tools, including durability testers, tensile testing machine, assembly performance testers, salt spray testers, high and low temperature testers, and MTS shock absorber testing system that assesses for noise, friction, and performance concurrently, avoiding potential development risks. We also utilize custom FARO scanners for rapid and accurate 3D documentation. The investment in advanced equipment and our never-ending drive towards embracing cutting-edge technology collectively ensure our products' superiority, granting customers ride control products that are dependable, comfortable, and long-lasting.Our guiding principles are deeply rooted in our business philosophy: “Effective management crafts value, Superior service yields advantages, Quality reigns supreme, and Efficiency propels us forward.” Every customer is invaluable to us, and we steadfastly adhere to the essential principles of “prioritizing quality, being customer-centric, winning through quality, and fully harnessing talent.” We stand firm in our conviction that through unwavering commitment and unrelenting effort, we will constantly refine ourselves, setting the Suspension industry on an upward trajectory!

Provincial honor! Yangzhou Focus won the "Jiangsu Foreign Expert Workshop"

Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology issued a notice on the recognition of  2022 Jiangsu Foreign Experts Workshop. Yangzhou Focus Shock Absorber Co.,Ltd. won the title of "Jiangsu Foreign Expert Workshop".

2022" Epidemic Prevention and Control Knowledge Education "training

The main content: How to correctly perform hand hygiene and wear masks.  Training object: All staff Training Time: February 21-23, 2022  Training place: Training center

2021 Fire Drill of Yangzhou Focus Shock Absorber Co., Ltd

1.Goal:make all staffs know how to correctly use the fire extinguisher and how to use the fire hydrant2.Time:12/31/20213.Place:Focus open space4.Personnel:all the staffs

2021 - special training on self and mutual rescue knowledge

1、 Training theme: lecture on self help and mutual help2、 Training content: make the staff understand and master the emergency knowledge, implement effective emergency measures, and help themselves and others out of danger.3、 Training the other party: all staff4、 Training time: May 13, 20215、 Training place: Training Center

2021-Care for Women,Care for Health

1.Training Theme: Care for Women,Care for Health2.Training Content: Women workers can understand the early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and cervical cancer,in order to reduce the threat to women.  And related free inspection.3.Training Object: All female employees.4.Training Time: March 1-3, 20215.Training Site: Training Center

The Summary Commendation Conference of Yangzhou Focus shock Absorber Co.,Ltd. in 2020

1.Theme: Commend the outstanding staff and the advanced groups who have made great contributions to the company, so as to encourage all the staff to work hard with an owner mentality, and to promote company culture construction2.Time: 1/28/20213.Attendees: Company Staff