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Guidance for Use and maintenance
Time:2023-10-26   Views:472

In order to ensure your safety, comfort and economical driving pleasure, please use and maintain the shock absorber correctly.

Please use the original matching genuine shock absorber to ensure your driving safety and use economy.

Please use the correct method to replace the shock absorber at the service station and the professional maintenance station.

Please drive smoothly to reduce the abnormal impact on shock absorbers.

Slow down on a bad road

Minimize rapid acceleration, brakes, and sharp turns

Try not to overload

Please check regularly and the relevant parts of the shock absorber are normal, such as dust cover, buffer block, isolation block, etc., if damaged or aged, it should be replaced in time. And try to use the original parts of the original factory as far as possible

Please check the tire pressure regularly and keep it within the specified limits.

Please always clean your car, especially the cleaning shock absorber part.

Please check the wheel parameter location regularly (four wheel alignment).

Please replace the shock absorber in pairs, and the same plant must be used.