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Noise of Shock Absorber
Time:2023-10-26   Views:254

According to various causes of the noise of the shock absorber, the noise of the shock absorber can be divided into the categories: idle impact noise, low temperature noise, friction impact noise, throttling noise, connecting vibration noise, etc.
According to the mechanism of generating the noise of the single shock absorber, the causes include:

1. When the idle stroke distortion of the shock absorber occurs, the idle impact will be generated, and the main reason for the noise is that in the operation of the shock absorber, the oil in the working cylinder is of interruption or idle stroke;
2. The low temperature noise is caused by the impact of the connecting rod against the bearing piece due to the step response of the excessive frictional force or the natural vibration of connecting rod excited by the frictional force;
3. The friction impact noise is caused by poor-quality parts or unqualified assembly process;
4. The throttling noise is caused by that when the shock absorber works at a high speed, the oil is foamed or sprayed at a high speed to pass the throttling hole.