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Replacement Method and Guidance
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1. Loosen bolts of the tire, and support the appointed part to lift the automobile body; (you’d better use screw jack or other safety equipment)
2. Remove the tire, and remove the braking tube, ABS wire harness, stabilizing rod ring, etc. which are connected to the shock absorber; (left photo A)
3. Gently support the steering knuckle (transmission shaft) by a jack, and loosen the fixing nuts of the lower bracket (or lower lifting lug) of the shock absorber; (left photo B and right photo A)
4. Remove nuts of the upper fixing holder; (left photo C and right photo B)
5. Lower the jack supporting the steering knuckle by several millimeters, lift up the spring tensioner by hands, and remove the nuts fixing the lower bracket, so that the spring tensioner is separated from the steering knuckle; (be careful of the damage to the braking tube or sheath of the transmission shaft when the steering knuckle is tilted)
6. Move down the spring tensioner, remove the nuts of the upper fixing holder from the automobile body, and finally remove the spring tensioner from the automobile; (right photo C)
7. Remove the bearing cover from the center of the fixing holder, and loosen the nuts fixing the upper spring holder by SST (special tools); (1. Do not use electric or other mechanical wrenches; and 2. Prevent over loosening of the nuts so as to avoid the falling-off of the nuts)
8. Compress the spring by a spring compressor, and remove the upper fixing nuts after you confirm that the gap between the spring and the spring tray is big enough; (make sure the spring compressor and the spring are stably contacted and the spring is evenly compressed) (left photo D and right photo D)
9. make sure the upper fixing holder, spring tray, cushions, shock insulation blocks, etc. are removed in the right direction, and replace the shock absorber;(left photo E and right photo E)
10. Make sure the milling direction of the end part of the piston rod of the shock absorber is matched with holes of the upper spring holder, etc., install the parts in a reverse sequence of 1 to 10. (※ Please use new upper fixing nuts)

The operational sequence and method mentioned above are only an example; please find the best sequence and method according to the automobile model and the type of the shock absorber.
Before replacement and during the replacing operation, you’d better refer to product instructions and automobile instructions.
In order to avoid falling off of the shock absorber and other assemblies during the replacing operation, please make full preparation for it before operation.